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Block unknown numbers?  That's how you do it |  MyGuide

Block unknown numbers? That’s how you do it | MyGuide

Do you get calls from potential sellers or scammers all the time? This way it blocks incoming calls from unknown or anonymous callers.

If you are Unknown Called, there is no caller id. You often see the word “Anonymous” on the screen of your smartphone. Government agencies and health care providers regularly call anonymously, because they don’t want you to call that number back.

Scammers often also operate anonymously. These anonymous phone calls can quickly become annoying because there is not much you can do about them at first. There is no number shown to block it.

a Unknown A visible number when you receive a call. However, this number is not in your contact list. You did not call this number yourself. It is possible to block unwanted and unknown numbers one by one, but there are also ways to deal with these incoming calls instantly.

This is how you turn off anonymous calls on iPhone

You can set your iPhone not to receive call notifications from unknown numbers. This is only possible if your device has iOS 13 or later.

• Open iPhone Settings and scroll down until you find “Phone”. Select this list. Relatively at the bottom, you will find the option to “Keep unknown callers silent”.


Generally, the caller leaves your voicemail to make important calls.

It is important to know that calls from unknown callers are not only blocked. You will no longer receive notifications of incoming calls from numbers you have not called before. You will then only see calls from your contacts and people you called previously. These are the phone numbers that appear in the Contacts app and the numbers that appear in the Messages or Mail apps.

In addition, it often happens that government agencies and hospitals call an unknown number. It is possible that you will miss an important result of an investigation in this way. Generally, however, the caller will leave your voicemail for important calls. You will receive a notification.

Call blocking on Android

Also on Android phones, it is possible to block incoming calls from unknown numbers. However, this option does not work with devices of some brands.

• This is how to set it up: Go to the Phone app and tap the three dots on top of each other at the top. Open “Settings” and go to “Blocked numbers”. Then run “Unknown”.

You can still receive calls from numbers that are not in your contacts after that. Only unknown callers and unknown numbers are blocked.

Third-party anti-spam apps

There are third-party (free) apps that detect and block unwanted conversations. Please note: You often need to register with your phone number to use these apps. These apps may also collect data from your contact details. So think carefully about whether you want to install it.

Companies are not allowed to call only

In the past, you could register your phone number in the “Don’t Call Me” list to prevent companies from calling you. This registry is no longer active. The Telecommunications Law has been amended since July 1, 2021.


If you no longer wish to be contacted by a company, you can invoke the right to object.

Companies are now only allowed to contact you if you have given permission in advance or if you are or have been a customer of the company. Even if you are a customer, the company must have already indicated that they can contact you. The company should also give you an opportunity to object. Furthermore, the phone call should be about a similar product or service to what you purchased earlier.

If you no longer wish to be contacted by a company, you can invoke the right to object. You hereby tell us that you no longer wish to be contacted by the Company.

If a company contacts you without your permission, you can report it to ConsuWijzer to the Dutch Consumers and Markets Authority. ACM can initiate an investigation and possibly impose a fine on the company.

Ask your provider for help

Do you feel like you are being chased? In this case you can contact your provider. Based on the dates and times you were called by an unknown number, the provider can track the stalker’s data. Your provider can then contact the provider of the person who is harassing you or pass the information on to the police. Note that you must record incoming calls, although you can end the call immediately afterwards.

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