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BMW M3 Touring Shows Production Process and Dashboard for a Facelift

BMW M3 Touring Shows Production Process and Dashboard for a Facelift

It’s White Monday, very cold and soon it will be raining, so what else can we do other than watch a video in which BMW highlights the (previous) production process of the new M3 Touring? As a bonus, we see the dashboard, which contains some surprising news.

The BMW M3 Touring is really coming. We already know that Since August 2020 (!), but BMW is keeping the tension there for a while. After many harassment, dark recordings, patent sketches And pictures of camouflaged specimens, it’s time to treat. Somewhat exaggerated, especially for a car you can see ahead of you as a regular M3 and 3-series Touring combination.

Building including camouflage

Yet we understand BMW. The M3 is the first M3 Tour in history. An important step in the history of BMW M and a car that could benefit from a new customer base. As a reminder: the M3 has 480 in manual mode, and 510 hp as a competition with automatic transmission. It is rumored that the Touring will only be available in the latest configuration, also in conjunction with the xDrive all-wheel drive system.

The M3 Touring will be revealed soon, as later this year and, according to many, even in June. Before that, however, we get an insight into the pre-production process through the video below. So it’s about building pre-series cars, which is done with more attention to potential bugs. The final step in the process at this point is the application of distinctive blur, which should hide the somewhat predictable lines as much as possible.

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New dashboard

The dashboard is still covered, but during the lap over the Nürburgring it is still necessary to look at the displays. The video thus confirms what is quite logical: the M3 Touring gets a dashboard Series 3 Facelifted† In other words, OS 8, with a large curved screen and fewer physical buttons than before. This will of course also apply to the regular M3.

Outside the interior, we’re expecting a little news of the M3’s facelift, which borrows its nose from the M4. So we won’t hear anything about the modified headlights here and the taillights remain unchanged with the regular 3 Series. By not giving the M3 a facelift, the current model follows a long tradition in the field. With the E46 and E92 / E93, the facelift has also bypassed the top model, although in both cases something has changed in the back.