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Brave Orange cricketers are 20 runs short of the West Indies | Sports

Unlike the first two matches, the Netherlands had to come off the field first after West Indies captain Nicholas Puran won the toss. The Orange bowlers were able to play on flat wickets and were able to see all corners of the field in the first forty overs.

Opening batsman Kyle Myers (120) and third-ranked Shamer Brooks (101 not out) were the mainstays of the Netherlands’ attack. The mayors also bowled fifteen balls, including seven ‘big men’ sixes.

Flow rate

The Dutch bowlers were upright and kept the run rate low in the last ten overs, as was the case in a major slaughterhouse. The West Indies have scored 308 runs for the loss of 5 wickets.

For the Dutch batsmen that totality could have been done with a little imagination, though most of them have not yet made a lasting impact on the Caribbean cricketers with the bat.

Singh Power

With the exception of Vikram Singh, the 19-year-old pure horse who scored 47 and 46 in the first two matches respectively. The young man of Indian descent who grew up in Amsterdam was impressed by his power and wide range of shots. Again, the opening of the Orange film, Max O’Dowd with Singh was well noticed.

Singh, 54, was probably knocked out of his rhythm by a ‘drink break’, and after his first half-century internationally all-rounder was bowled out, the run rate dropped significantly. O’Dowd did everything he could to screw it up, but did not succeed. Still, his 89 runs may be in the innings. Also, Batter No. 3 Musa Ahmed scored 42 runs.

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English challenge

As Orange needed more runs per over, the task was less. Boss de Leed (25), Logan van Peek (15) and captain Peter Seeler (16) still struggled, but it was not enough for interim coach Ryan Cook to be ashamed of his 288 runs. Of course not against the four-time world champion in the West Indies.

With England set to visit three Super League meetings in Amsterdam in two weeks, the Dutch national team can now prepare for the final clash. The reigning world champion, who won the title at Lord’s Sacred Grass in the final against New Zealand in 2019, has not taken half action and is coming to the Netherlands with a strong one-day squad. The England squad for the Test series against New Zealand has not been selected. Thousands of English fans are expected for every game.