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Brazil sweeps back by severe weather: at least 91 dead, dozens missing |  Weather News

Brazil sweeps back by severe weather: at least 91 dead, dozens missing | Weather News

ModernizationThe torrential rains that have engulfed the Brazilian state of Pernambuco since Tuesday have claimed at least 91 lives, according to authorities. 26 people are still missing. Most of the victims fell on Saturday when landslides in several places in the northeastern state killed 29 people.

About 1,200 rescue workers with helicopters and boats resumed rescue operations in the state on Sunday. Regional Development Minister Daniel Ferreira said 25 had been infected and nearly 4,000 people had lost their homes. Videos of flooded roads, collapsed homes and landslides can be seen on social media.

“We know the first hours are very difficult, and now we have to act as efficiently as possible,” State Governor Paulo Camara said on Sunday (local time). “I’ve spoken with all the mayors to come up with an action plan and figure out what actions require government support.”

A state of emergency was declared in 14 cities around the port city of Recife. The governor has already released 100 million riyals (19.7 million euros).

Heavy rains that have hit the Recife area since Tuesday have caused landslides, mudslides and floods.

On Saturday morning, 19 people were killed in a landslide in the village of Jardim Monteverde. People also died in Camaragipe, Recife and Jaboatao dos Guarabes, among others.

Most of the victims fell on Saturday in landslides in Pernambuco state. © ANP / EPA

In Alagoas, another state in the region, two people were killed when they were swept away by a river flood on Friday.

In some places in Recife, the capital of Pernambuco, 236 mm of rain fell between Friday evening and Saturday morning, according to the mayor’s office. This corresponds to more than 70 percent of the amount of precipitation that typically falls in the city in May.

Schools opened last weekend to accommodate the homeless.

France Press agency


Army spread

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro took to Twitter to express his “sadness and solidarity with the victims of this sad catastrophe” and said his government would do everything in its power to “relieve the suffering”. According to the president, the army will be deployed “to assist in emergency relief operations and provide the necessary aid to the affected families.”

President Jair Bolsonaro announced his move to Recife today.

Earlier this year, the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro was hit by weeks of torrential rain that experts say is made worse by climate change. 240 people died in February alone.

France Press agency


France Press agency


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