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Breakfast cereal with milk on the go?  With these new "Instabowls" from Kellogg, it's possible |  Abroad

Breakfast cereal with milk on the go? With these new “Instabowls” from Kellogg, it’s possible | Abroad

With the new “instabowls” from Kellogg, simply add water to eat cereal with milk all over. Kellogg previously released individual jars of all the popular breakfast cereals, meant to be eaten with or without milk. The new jars also contain milk powder, which turns into liquid milk with some cold water.

This is the first time Kellogg fans have been able to eat their favorite breakfast cereal on the go with milk, according to Chris Stolsky of Kellogg’s marketing team. “You can take this anywhere.” To prevent unnecessary waste, there is no spoon included.

The jars are currently only available in the United States, at a few Walmart stores. It is also available online within the United States at the website So far, there are four types: Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran Crunch, Froot Loops, and Apple Jacks. Customers pay $1.98 (€1.97) per jar.

Not just any milk powder

Stolsky said the Kellogg Company has been working on the concept for two years. Obviously, it wasn’t easy to find a milk powder that reacts quickly enough with water. Conventional milk powders result in wet breakfast cereals. It was important to find a way to keep the cereal crunchy.

Stolsky explains that Instabowls use “a special process that essentially evaporates the water, but leaves the milk solids in place.” “So when you add the water back in, it’s the same great taste, the same great nutrients you’d get with a normal amount of milk.”

vegan version

The vegans among us will have to wait a little longer, but may soon also be able to try instabowls. According to Stolsky, The Kellogg Company is looking into plant-based powders, but this is “a little tricky if you don’t use dairy.” So Kellogg needs “more time to make sure the experience is the same”.

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