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Bredabaan in Merksem gets the biggest Aldi in Belgium: "We are very proud of this project" (Merksem)

Bredabaan in Merksem gets the biggest Aldi in Belgium: “We are very proud of this project” (Merksem)

Aldi, which operates 440 stores in our country, eighty of them in the province of Antwerp, has been in Merksem for forty years. This XL supermarket started working in January. The buffer, which Aldi opened in the meantime in the same location, closed its doors last Saturday. But for more than a few days, customers will not be deprived of a trusted supermarket.

“We are very proud of this project,” said Bert Peters, Aldi’s Senior Director of Expansion. “The spacious store has already been expanded by about half. We now have 1,500 square meters of selling space in Merksem. Along with stores in Halle and Nijvel, this shop is one of the largest Aldi stores in our country. About 1,600 items from our permanent collection are complemented here by temporary food displays and non-food.”

Merksem pushes Willebroek from the throne in Antwerp, which is only 1,440 square metres. The largest Aldi in Germany is located in Duisburg and is only 440 square meters larger than Merksem. At the same time as the expansion, four additional employees were hired for the store team, which now numbers 22 in total.

The new XL Aldi and XL employees seem to have got a map to find their way around the spacious supermarket. © koen fasseur

Four charging stations

“During the construction of the new store, attention was also paid to the sustainability of the building,” Peters says. “We are now working with LED lighting. A heat recovery system and a more sustainable CO2 cooling system have been installed. Four charging stations are available to customers in the parking lot.”

Aldi emphasized fresh produce in the design of the new store. “In recent years, we have already made great efforts to give more attention to our new – already available – range,” says the manager.

Little Delhaize

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, the store offers more “convenient” items, such as prepackaged salads, fresh fruit juices, and other prepared meals and drinks. So Aldi became like Delhaize and Albert Heijn. In addition, the customer can come to Aldi for a selection of fresh meat over 90% of Belgian origin. The bakery section has been converted into an open-air bakery to highlight the range of freshly baked bread rolls, pastries and oven-fresh cakes.

The selection at Aldi has never been wider than in this store in Merksem.

The selection at Aldi has never been wider than in this store in Merksem. © koen fasseur

private labels

“What will definitely not change is our successful formula: offering high-quality products at Aldi’s known prices,” confirms Bert Peters. “Private brands remain the heart of the store. They represent 90% of the fixed supply. In times of inflation, private brands support the purchasing power of consumers thanks to their excellent value for money. They are often at least half cheaper than well-known brands.”

The new store opens festively. On opening day, customers can be pampered in a food truck with a snack and healthy drink. The store has 452 parking spaces in front of the door, but there is also a tram stop nearby. Aldi Marks has no opening on Sundays. On other days, the store is open from 8.30 am to 7 pm (yes)

Aldi Merksem, Bredabaan 891, Winkelstap Shopping Park, on the border of Merksem and Schoten

© IF

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