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British YouTuber takes to the field after the Champions League final and hugs Vinicius and Hazard | Time is up

Rather than good football, last Saturday’s Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid will be remembered for the chaos outside the stadium. The kick-off was delayed by more than half an hour as ticketless spectators climbed the fences and tried to enter the State de France. UEFA seemed to blame Liverpool fans, but the English club was riddled with fan complaints about the way they were treated.

However, it is clear that something is wrong with the system and efficient security services in Paris. British Utopian Daniel Jarvis also proved this. The man shows in the video how to get on and off the field after the game. He first played a member of the TV press, then took off his tracksuit and jumped on board in a Real Madrid suit. He then steps towards the Real players who are relaxing and begins to feast. How Vinicius Jr. Eden hugs and shakes hands with Hazard.

Jarvis Pitch holds a patent for the Invasion. For example, after being next to the New Zealand rugby players, he was ejected from the field at the Privacy Stadium in Cardiff in October. He has disrupted three cricket matches and one NFL match.

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