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Britt initiates class action against Apple for slowing down older iPhones – tablets and phones – news

Away from the battery story.
On the one hand, we will complain that Android devices get too few upgrades, making functionality obsolete, but on the other hand we will complain that Apple makes devices slower with too many iOS upgrades (and thus more functionality)? You can’t expect a 5-year-old iPhone to perform the same functions as the new iPhone as quickly as it can. Personally, I think iPhones often get software upgrades for a long time.

On the other hand, the CPU slows down due to the battery life. I think it’s a very smart move. As others have pointed out, there is a real chance that your phone will fail if the battery can no longer provide enough power (due to age, batteries are consumables). Then I would prefer a slow phone that works instead of a phone that runs on top for 3 seconds at a high workload and then drops.

I’m sick of people constantly yelling “Apple is just a planned obsolescence”.
1: The fact that your device no longer receives feature upgrades does not mean that it is suddenly no longer usable. After all, you’ve done without these features until then.
2: The technology is outdated. People often have unrealistic expectations about how long a device can last. By the way, if you wanted to use a PC from 1998 in 2010, it was much less practical than using a PC from 2010 now in 2022. We’re still far from that level with smartphones, tablets, etc. direction I think.
3: Repairability can certainly be improved, but a healthy device does not need to be repaired. And Apple’s untouched devices are certainly very practical to use for a long time.
4: Devices from other manufacturers also have a limited life when it comes to practicality. And certainly when you take into account the method we’re using in 2022, compared to 2013, for example. Long battery life hasn’t been a thing for me in the past. Rarely has any laptop lasted long enough to be able to run without a charger at all, plus I’ve always been close to a power outlet. I took that into account then. It didn’t really matter if I could get a 3 hour or 5 hour battery, because it was too short to have to bring a charger to school. Now with my completely different M1 MacBook Air, I can work on it for an entire day without worrying about the battery. That’s why I’m less inclined to sit alone in places where there is electricity. (By the way, this was just an example, it started rumbling again 8) 7

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The bottom line is that people are very happy to say something Apple does wrong, because it’s common to have a bad opinion of Apple, I think. And yes, they don’t do everything right either, but what does the other manufacturer do at all?