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“Broadcom wants to buy VMWare” – IT Pro – News

Because they are now called Broadcom. The names of all their products have changed.

Broadcom invests heavily in software coupling hardware. So they want Symantec antivirus, security, VMware virtualization in SAS, network consoles, and switches. Fortinet has been doing security like virus detection on the same keys for years.

They’ve also tried doing some kind of DPU integration with VMware.

But I think they quickly noticed that VMware is just a Linux shell, virtualization is very rough and somewhat old-fashioned, and thus only bought by companies that want virtualization without much knowledge of virtualization.

VMware’s ARM division that was announced with great fanfare a few years ago is still completely out of order and is still under technical preview. Project Monterey (VMware on DPU) is still a big joke too.

KVM is much better in all respects, and is easier to integrate on all platforms. I think they, just like nVIDIA, will start to focus more on open source rather than closely related companies (like VMware) that bounce back.

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