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Brussels Science Center arrives at West Station

Brussels Science Center arrives at West Station

The Brussels government has chosen the location of the Science Center by 2029: Weststation. Project costing 25 million euros.

In 2029, a “Science Center” will open in Brussels. “A place of interest for science,” said Brussels State Secretary for Scientific Research Barbara Tracht (Ecolo).

The 5,000 square meter facility will be located in Weststation, in the heart of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, on the corner of Alphonse Vandenpeereboomstraat and Ninoofsesteenweg, on a site currently occupied and owned by MolenWest in the region. This is what he writes in La Dernière Heure.

CityDev is responsible for the project, and Innoviris will manage the site. Work will not start until 2026 and a grand opening is scheduled for 2029. Estimated budget 25 million. It is an amount that the territory hopes to be able to make up through European subsidies.

The site will be mainly intended for young people and families, and also aims to attract a school audience. “We will focus on the themes and societal challenges that attract visitors. It will not be a static and monotonous place: exhibitions will evolve and there will be room for experiment. The goal is to put people in touch with science.” is reading.

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