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Build muscle mass at home

Build muscle mass at home

Do you want to increase your muscle mass at home? Maybe you don’t always feel the time or money to go to the gym. With a number of attributes, you can also start at home to build muscle mass. What exactly do you need to get the most out of your training at home? You read it here.

Gain muscle mass without a gym

The challenge when training at home to build muscle mass is the lack of materials and space. You want to find equipment that takes up as little space as possible, but with which you can train as widely as possible. The best you can do for it using dumbbells. With these you can go all the way around in terms of training and they are easy to store. The material must, in any case, comply with the following:

  • All muscle groups should be able to train on them.
  • It must be safe.
  • It should be possible to perform at least one exercise, but three or more exercises for each muscle group.
  • Sufficient resistance must be offered.
  • It should take up little space.

Many exercises can be performed with body weight. But do you want to train harder? Then you can not avoid buying a few separate dumbbells and discs. Fortunately, it shouldn’t take up much space. Take a look at fitness delivery To have a fit set in your home and get started soon.

Start with small muscle groups

The smaller the muscle group, the easier it is to train at home. In general, the larger the muscle group, the more resistance they need. To train large muscle groups, you need a sufficient weight of disks and materials that you can use with them. You can still train these muscle groups at home up to a point, but do you want to let them grow more? Then it is better to visit the gym after a while. So start working out at home with small muscle groups, you’ll find them mainly in your upper body. So you can train biceps, triceps, hamstrings, calves, abs and shoulders well at home. For the thighs and buttocks, you need some heavier material. If you have the space for it, you can also train it well at home.

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What is the minimum you need at home?

We give you a number of tips that you at least need to exercise at home. It is recommended to buy this for building muscle at home.

  • A weight bench that you can sit or lie on firmly when you have weight in your hands.
  • Dumbbells and discs 2.5 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg. This is enough to get started.
  • Curved bar (EZ bar), it is shorter than regular iron. You can do almost all the exercises with this that you also do with a regular barbell, but the bent bar takes up less space.
  • Screw system for safety when using plates and iron. You can use this to secure the discs so that you can train safely.

If you have a little more space at home, you can buy another squat rack. This allows you to train your legs or bench press firmly and safely. However, this takes up too much space. You can also comment the weight of the discs here. You can also buy additional weights, so that you can increase the weight a little with exercises for maximum muscle growth.