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BV 24/7.  Natalia Stands With "Mini Me" And IP Dare To "My Heart Will Go On"?  † BV

BV 24/7. Natalia Stands With “Mini Me” And IP Dare To “My Heart Will Go On”? † BV

Joyce de Troche Enjoy her vacation in Italy.

Cocktail time for the actress Lynn Van Ruen

Natalia Standing with her daughter, Bobby Loa. Nowadays you see the camera and the ‘small mode vs fashion’ mode starts.

Sam Juris He puts his father’s birthday in flowers.

also Kato Callebaut Starlings was getting ready for Harry Styles’ concert yesterday.

nothing but Fabrizio Zinarides He plays “My Heart Will Go On” on the piano. An encouraging gesture “for everyone who needs it”.

Chocolate king Dominic Pearson He displays his artwork. He may stay free next week away from his shop window.

Flo Wendy She may have lost his voice, but Harry Styles made her day.

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