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BVs Escape Laura Tesoro and Two Actors on New VTM's 'The Hunting Season': 'For Four Hours'

BVs Escape Laura Tesoro and Two Actors on New VTM’s ‘The Hunting Season’: ‘For Four Hours’

With actress and TV face Jamie-Lee Six and actor Martin Cope, Laura Tesoro begins the hunt for fugitives in every episode, leading to a state-of-the-art manhunt race. “These are tiring days, but fun,” says Laura. “Because you are so engrossed in the game, you don’t notice that you are so tired. For hours I float on that adrenaline. Also my fellow hunters and crooks. Only when the recording is over do everyone get their raise.”

Tonight Sergio and Sam Juris will light things up. They wore orange prison clothes for the occasion. It becomes difficult immediately. People often say: it’s just a game. Yes my bones! Sergio said. “She’s very recognizable,” says Laura, laughing. “Everyone is trying their best to win. And then sometimes bold statements are made.”


shape reminds us Chase, which works on Play4. “But hunting season It is already the first program of this kind”, says Laura. “In the Netherlands it was first played on Stuktv (Online channel, later launched on SBS6, editor).. Besides, there are differences as well. Every episode we have different familiar contestants, and we have to catch them by the collar in just four hours.”

In this program you do not see a central room where the investigators check all kinds of camera images. “I am always on the right track with the other fighters, and I chase the duo. So we don’t have access to all kinds of camera photos. Unless we ask the police and they just give it to us.” (Laugh)

The trio chase a fully equipped bus. “Think of tablets, smartphones, smartwatches… We also receive a location every 10 minutes from which the fugitive duo is at that moment. For the rest, we consult Google, where you can find images from webcams and all kinds of addresses and phone numbers.”

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go offline

Initially, runaways are given a 20-minute scoop. “To avoid that we risk having a very short loop. The duo might use an elevator, but these only take 20 minutes per trip. They can also go offline once, so we can’t search for anything for 10 minutes.”

Both sides are moving forward with full force. Sergio and Sam even head to Kiewit, where they begin the journey in a sports jet. “It’s tempting to go at full speed during the chase, but the production is very strict about following all the traffic rules.” Final advice to catch fugitives? “You should always try to think of a step forward. You can chase someone, but you can also really think about the fate of the ‘hustler’ and actually anticipate it.”

Laura, Jamie Lee, and Martin knew each other only by sight. But when the three of you are put into a truck and you have to work together intensely, it creates a bond. Especially if everyone has a winning mentality and doesn’t utter the words.”

Hunting Season, VTM, 8.40pm