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Call of Duty is not the driving force behind Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard

A bombshell fell when Microsoft announced it was acquiring Activision Blizzard. The companies are now working on completing the deal, but this will take a lot of time because competition authorities in different countries have to look into the acquisition. As a result, it will certainly take until early next year before Activision Blizzard becomes officially owned by Microsoft.

You’d think Call of Duty was one of the reasons they took over Activision Blizzard, but an interview revealed that wasn’t necessarily the driving force. In an interview with Bloomberg Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer provided further clarification.

He says Microsoft has looked mainly at what they can do and where they want to go. The biggest gaming platform is mobile and internal discussions have begun on this basis. And this is where Activision Blizzard came in next, also because Blizzard is very capable on the PC platform.

“When we were thinking, with this idea, ‘What can we do today, and where do we need to go,’ the biggest gaming platform on the planet is mobile phones…”

“We’ve already started discussions, internally at least, about the capabilities they have on mobile and then on PC with Blizzard. Those are the two things that have been really paying attention to us.”

Mobile and PC were the driving factors behind the purchase, not Call of Duty. It’s also not about the company’s IP addresses, but also the knowledge and skills, among other things, of King. King is the moving arm of Activision Blizzard.

“…Mobile is the biggest gaming category, and it’s an area where we haven’t had a large presence before. This deal adds one of the most successful mobile publishers to Microsoft Gaming, and I personally look forward to learning from the innovative teams at King.”

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