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Camille sings at new opening for 'Family': 'I felt right away' |  Television

Camille sings at new opening for ‘Family’: ‘I felt right away’ | Television

TelevisionAfter the summer holidays, “Family” will have a new opening song, and Camille will sing the accompanying song this time. The makers of the VTM series have chosen the song “Kleur”, which will also be on the singer’s new album. Thus he succeeds Camille Niels Destadsbader, who provided the opening tone for three years, but now works exclusively at VRT.

“I know who you are by the color of your voice.” With these words, every episode of the new “Family” season will open soon. After the summer, the daily series will have a new opening title, with new visuals and a new opening song. For this, their makers only stressed Camille. He sang the hit sensation of the moment in the new generic song Poppy she co-wrote. The song is called “Kleur” and is also included in its entirety on Camille’s upcoming album at the end of August. And of course she will also perform the song during her performance at 30 Years Family Party, on Saturday 17th September at the Lotto Arena.

“I am honored that the makers of ‘Family’ chose a song from my new album to bring viewers into the proper ‘family’ atmosphere every day,” Camille said. “When they asked me this, I felt it was fine and I can’t wait to hear the song at the beginning of every episode soon. And of course also to play the song live in front of thousands of people at the 30 Years Family Party at the Lotto Arena. Fond of!”

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Well keep a secret

What exactly the new year will look like is still a well-kept secret for now. Creative Producer Wim Virts gave a glimpse into Veil: “Camel’s powerful new song ‘Family’ results in a wonderful new opening sequence with delays, accelerations, and sudden transitions. A whirlwind of imagery presents all of our characters in their own distinct way.”

The brand new generic will be launched to viewers at the start of the 32nd “Family” season. The start date for the new season at VTM will be announced at a later date.

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