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Can the Apple Watch Pro be called the Series 8 Pro?

Can the Apple Watch Pro be called the Series 8 Pro?

The Pro version of the Apple Watch is finally coming. However, this one might have a different name than we’ve been expecting all these months. Could the model name of this exerciser be Apple Watch Series 8 Pro?

Read on after the announcement.

Apple event 2022: keyword ‘far away’

Usually, a few weeks before the big event, we already know a lot about the products that Apple will announce. This is of course the case with the name iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, which we still know today confirmation I got that Apple keeps adding to these flagships.

Only, there is also a new line of smartwatches from Apple. Of course, the new “regular” model will be called the Apple Watch Series 8. But there is also talk of a “Pro” model. Would you call it the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro?

What we already know about the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro

Although the name isn’t confirmed yet, we’ve been calling it “Job Title” for months Apple Watch Pro We have already collected a lot of objective details about this smartwatch. We know that Apple is in the process of releasing a Pro model for the extreme athlete. This device has a stronger titanium design and longer battery life.

Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro can be purchased in a larger 47mm case and 1.99-inch screen. This is much bigger than Apple Watch Series 7. The biggest variant is a 45mm casing and a 1.77-inch screen. So we also wondered if we, too Need to buy new tires for this model.

The display is also rumored to use a new flat design, while the Apple Watch Series 7 now has a rounded display. Just like usual Apple Watch Series 8 We expect better health features to appear in this Apple Watch. There was talk of a body temperature sensor in both models. We are also interested in the rumors surrounding satellite function on this smart watch.

Apple Watch Series 7

‘X’, ‘Series 8 Pro’ or ‘Pro’ only: name kept secret

Not surprisingly, a week ago September 7On the day Apple organizes the “Far Out” keyword, we gradually hear the facts, names and specifications. This is how we saw a file iPhone 14 Pro packaging appears on Twitter. However, there is still a mystery surrounding the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro (or Series X). There are even wild rumors that Apple will call this powerful watch the “Watch Max”.

In any case, we will be ready to tell you as soon as possible about the innovations of the Apple Watch models on Wednesday, September 7 at 19:00.

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