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Can you eat fruit after eating or not?  Nutrition expert takes a closer look at the myth |  to eat

Can you eat fruit after eating or not? Nutrition expert takes a closer look at the myth | to eat

A refreshing piece of watermelon or fresh strawberries and raspberries now that it’s in season: In the summer we like to eat a piece of fruit for dessert. The chances that you haven’t heard the trumpet that fruit contains a lot of sugar and that you shouldn’t eat fruit after dinner is slim. But is there any truth in these statements? Nutritionist Caroline Olarts explains it once and for all.

Those who like to eat healthy will automatically reach for a piece of fruit more quickly as a snack or even as a dessert. On the other hand, you often hear that you can also eat a lot of fruit, because fruit contains sugars. But is this really the case? “The recommended amount of fruit for adults is on average two to three pieces per day,” explains nutritionist Caroline Olarts. Of course there is a difference between larger and smaller pieces of fruit. One piece usually refers to about 100 grams. Keep in mind that this amount is a guide. Is it better for you to eat more fruit? Then this is also possible. Above all, listen to your body.”

Big fruit predicament according to Carola? “Sometimes people use fruit as a healthy alternative, when they really just want a sugar waffle. As a result, you often eat an apple, a pear, and a banana instead of a waffle to make you feel better. Cravings to accommodate. This way you fill a gap mentally so that you eat a lot more. That’s why I think sometimes it’s so interesting to just eat what you really feel and choose that one-off sugar chip.”

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“Do you eat fruit for breakfast? Then combine it with oatmeal, seeds, nuts or dairy products,” says nutritionist Caroline Olarts. © Getty Images / RooM RF

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It’s always a good idea to combine fruit, proteins, fats, and slow carbs.

Nutritionist Caroline Olairts

Fruit for healthy breakfast, after unhealthy meals: fact or fiction?

Regarding the amount of fruit, it is best to listen to your body. What about when and how to best consume fruit? “It’s always good to combine fruit with protein, fats and slow carbs,” Olaerts continues. “Do you eat fruit for breakfast? Then mix it with oatmeal, seeds, nuts or dairy products. Fruit is a good source of vitamins and minerals, but it is nutritionally limited and contains mostly water and sugars, so even when eating fruit as a snack it is a good idea to combine it with Another thing. For example, a slice of apple with peanut butter or a pear with yogurt and cinnamon are always balanced and filling options.”

We often hear that fruit for breakfast is healthy, just as it is better to leave fruit after dinner. “It’s a myth that fruit becomes unhealthy after eating it,” Caroline stresses. “It’s very subjective and it’s best if you just find out how your body reacts to it. Personally, I love eating apples, but when I eat them after a meal, I feel bloated. Doesn’t that bother you after eating? Then enjoy it and eat fruit after your meal. Do you get bloated every time? ? Then your body tells you that it is best to eat the fruit at different times.”

Who is Caroline Olaierts?

Nutritionist Caroline Olarts runs the blog Carola’s Kitchen He owns the famous Instagram account of the same name. She is also the author of “Just Healthy”, “Karola’s Kitchen” and “Karola’s Kitchen: The Cookbook”. In her recipes, she always goes for a delicious and honest kitchen full of balance.

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