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Canceled Actor (84) Criticizes Netflix

Canceled Actor (84) Criticizes Netflix

Frank Angela He was fired last month as the lead in the upcoming Netflix series Usher house fall† The actor is said to have exhibited sexual misconduct on the set against a co-star. He responds to the allegations for the first time in an open letter.

I canceled. No more, no lessThe 84-year-old actor begins his message.

It is said that Angela was guilty of many inappropriate behavior. The main claim relates to touching an unwanted opponent.

During rehearsals for a romantic scene, he was said to have touched the leg of a young actress when this was not agreed upon. He also allegedly asked her if she liked his touch.

After that, the actress had stormed the set.

Intimate relationship coordinator
Angela deplores the fact that before playing an intimate scene, the actors have to agree on exactly where they will touch each other. This is done in consultation with a special intimacy coordinator; He must make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable when shooting such scenes.

This really takes away all the spontaneityAngela sighs.This is just silly

Other allegations
In addition to the above claim, Angela is said to have unwelcomely called the actress “Baby” and took a hug. It is also said that the actor made an inappropriate joke of a sexual nature.

[b]The role of the victim[b]Clearly Angela is someone who has a problem with the new zeitgeist and simple standards of decency. After all, rules are sorely needed to protect women from the hostile culture prevailing in Hollywood.

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He sees himself as a victim in the first place. †You completely tarnished my reputation because of this nonsenseAngela said.

Another actor will play his role.