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“At first I thought it was a satire,” Decker says. “Of course humor can rub off, whether you like a joke or not. But it’s wrong, disrespectful and disgusting.” She was so annoyed that the guests at the table laughed so hard with Dirksen. “In Hillworth, we’re at a transitional stage where habits that have been standardized by men for many years are being questioned. New groups are demanding their place and position in society: women, people of color, bizarre. And they insist on it. More than a male white heteronorm.”

In some places, this leads to a severe backlash, Decker notes. “Men suddenly feel attacked for their existence and their existence, so they underestimate all the accusations that come their way. ‘That’s the jigsaw’, Derksen shouted – like you allowed people to be raped in the sixties and seventies.”

Yet the head of MORES does not want to just condemn Dirksen’s statements. “In society we just need to make sure this file stands up straight against each other,” he asserts. “We need to find a new way to deal with this in terms of mutual respect. That’s not what was seen at all ends of this piece on Today’s. Only the people here were destroyed: it happened to the woman.

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