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Carrefour Express Safehawk responds to garbage bags with food: 'Bread is no longer edible' |  Antwerp

Carrefour Express Safehawk responds to garbage bags with food: ‘Bread is no longer edible’ | Antwerp

AntwerpAn image of nine trash bags full of bread at Carrefour Express in Safehoek, sparked outrage on Thursday. According to business manager Luc Holthof, this was an exceptional situation. “Carrefour Express never gets rid of foods that have not gone past their best date before.”

A local pulled out after closing time on Wednesday Photo of nine garbage bags filled with bread at Carrefour Express in Saint-Jomarosstrat† “If Banos does this on the Meir, then this is a scandal. Is it normal if Carrefour does it in the poorest area of ​​the city?”, residents wonder. Director Luke Holthof explains that this was an exceptional situation. “It was expired bread that no longer served human consumption,” he explains. “Usually, a farmer would come in to get this bread and give it to his sheep. He hasn’t been around for two weeks now. So the bread had to be thrown out. It’s a pity that that picture gives the wrong impression.”

According to Holthoff, Carrefour Express never disposes of foods that have not yet expired. “We have a partnership with the Too Good To Go app. The remaining products are put into packages and collected in the evening. We give away our surplus bread in various ways. For example, we have a 1 + 1 promotion in the evening or we give bread to employees. We also work with organizations that donate with food for the less fortunate.”

drove at the end of May Trash cans on the Meir River inflated with bread and coffee cakes From the Panos sandwich shop to the exasperation on the Facebook page “Ge bent van Antwerpen als…”. “It is very sad to see this with so much poverty due to very high rents and energy prices,” was one of the reactions. Or also: “I have a Moroccan bakery around the corner. And every day before closing time, some homeless or poor person stands at his door because they know he’s getting rid of the surplus.” Quantities are limited, company spokeswoman Neil van Malderen (La Lauren) said. “In all of our stores, the surplus is limited to 1.5 to 2 percent of what is sold in total. With a new product, it is not possible to predict exactly how much will be sold.”

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Carrefour Express on Sint-Gummarusstraat in Antwerp. © CVDP