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Chairman Bart Verhag sneezed at the competition: "Club Brugge is a machine and you can't make it by buying a sports director"

Chairman Bart Verhag sneezed at the competition: “Club Brugge is a machine and you can’t make it by buying a sports director”

Five titles in seven years, the third in a row. President Bart Verhagé starred proudly in the Catacombs on Bosuil. “Club Brugge has become an institution”

“This was the hardest title of the three,” Verhaghi said. “Because it’s hard to rule out a streak of three titles. But also because of the mid-season training change. And because we were in an unusual position for us after regular competition. That’s why I’m absolutely happy for everyone who is part of Club Brugge. I’m referring to all The 170 people who work with passion and enthusiasm for our work, from the cleaning team to the chef. Club Brugge has become an institution. You only see the players, but behind them is a whole machine. You can’t build it by buying a sports director or making some transfers. You have to work hard for it for years.” , said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the city of Bruges with a little irony to his colleague in Antwerp.

Bruges should start working again during summer vacation. A successor to coach Alfred Schroeder, who is leaving for Ajax, must be found and there is a real chance that Lange and de Kettleri will look elsewhere. “We are ready to go to Mercato and fulfill the dreams of some players. We will take our time to find a new coach, just like our summer transfers. The team will definitely not come out of Mercato weak. There are also a lot of coaches who would like to work at Club Brugge”.


Verhaeghe said he was fascinated by Union Football. “But Union, this is actually Brighton. They have a lot more resources than we have. The Premier League club is using Union for a purpose in a bigger story.”

Verhaeghe raised the ceiling for next season even further. “The Champions League has been a bit disappointing this season, partly because of the rivals. We hope to draw a little different teams this time. There will also be clarity on the new stadium this year. I hope to start construction in the spring of 2023.” (MD)

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