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“Chinese governments should replace foreign computers with Chinese computers” – Computer – News

Central governments and Chinese state organizations must replace all foreign computers with computers from Chinese manufacturers within two years, according to a Bloomberg report. With this, China wants to strengthen its computer manufacturers and better protect the country’s security.

Central government offices and government-backed companies must According to Bloomberg sources Move to PCs from local manufacturers like Lenovo in two years. Within the central government alone, there could be as many as 50 million computers that need to be replaced. Today, HP and Dell are still the major PC vendors in the country. Both sell more than Lenovo in China.

The Chinese government has pursued a policy of frustration when it comes to using personal computers from foreign manufacturers, but for a long time it still had to use a lot of foreign computers. The news agency wrote that Chinese manufacturers’ hardware and software have been lagging behind foreign manufacturers for years, but now Chinese companies such as cloud company Inspur and Lenovo are playing a major role on the world stage, so now China must dare to take the step. . After central governments, regional governments must also switch within two years.

Only PC and software manufacturers will likely be covered by the new policy, but not components such as processors yet. Also, some organizations, such as media and security companies, can still purchase advanced foreign computers if they need them. In addition to the ban on foreign personal computers, governments and organizations will only be allowed to use operating systems developed in China.

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According to Bloomberg, the decision to ban foreign PCs has several reasons. First, China will be highly dependent on American technology. This dependence became apparent with sanctions against Huawei, for example, which prevented Huawei from using US technology. Second, there are concerns about the safety of using foreign devices.