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Christian Bale wants to return as Batman, but on one condition

Christian Bale wants to return as Batman, but on one condition

It has been a long time since we Christian Bell He was last seen as Batman. The actor managed to achieve high marks in the beloved trilogy Christopher NolanWill he want to return as the world-famous superhero?

Na Bell Nam Ben Affleck The wand was handed to him for several years. As Affleck now stops and stops Robert Patterson takes his place. His first Batman movie from the director Matt ReevesIt was very well received. There will be a second part anyway.

However, some fans are hoping that Bale will return. In the eyes of necessary people, he’s the best Batman of all time, and it looks like he’s also got a monster contract to come back after the Nolan trilogy, but the actor here thanked him here. He didn’t want to go back without the director and still had that feeling about it.

In a recent interview, the Oscar-winning actor was asked if he’d be returning to the role of Batman. His answer was as follows:Let me first say that I wasn’t asked to.

one reason
Bell continues:Some believe that there have already been talks of new Batman movies, but this is not true. Plus, I made a pact with Chris all those years ago. Then we said, “We’re going to go for three movies and then stop.” This is where it stays for me

However, Bill hasn’t closed the door completely yet: “The only reason I would come back would be if Chris called me and said, “You know, I have an exciting new story to tell.” Only then will I be back!Whether it will be a question someday. Soon Bill will appear in another superhero movie, which is Thor: Love and Thunder

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