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Chromecast with Google TV now streams footage from your Nest Cam to your TV

Chromecast with Google TV now streams footage from your Nest Cam to your TV

Do you have a Google Nest Cam and want to display its photos on the big screen? This is now possible. A Chromecast with Google TV can cast the feed from all of your Nest cameras on your TV.

Read on after the announcement.

Watch clips from Nest on Chromecast

Using a Nest Cam or nest bell You can see exactly what is happening in or around your home. You usually check the pictures of these security cameras on your smartphone or Google Nest Hub. But what if you’d rather watch them on your TV? google It’s rolling out an update this week that makes that possible. From now on, you can stream photos from Nest cameras to Chromecast with Google TV.

If you are Netflix And other streaming services, you can now choose a different form of entertainment: check if there’s a dog at your door. All Nest cameras are supported. It doesn’t matter if you have a battery-powered model or if the camera is plugged in.

The search giant will be rolling out this update to all Chromecast devices with Google TV in the coming days. Viewing photos is very simple: you can use the microphone on your Chromecast’s remote control to indicate which camera you want to view on your TV. You can also use the Nest Hub or Nest Audio To send the feed to your TV with a voice command.

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Here’s what you need to know about Chromecast with Google TV

You can only use Nest Cams with Chromecast with Google TV. Unfortunately, older models are not supported.

Although this device dates back to 2020, it was only recently Officially available in the Netherlands. Just like the previous variants, you can use Chromecast with Google TV to stream photos from your smartphone or computer to your TV. What’s new is that this model also evokes a full Smart TV interface on your TV, including apps and recommendations.

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Chromecast with Google TV: Getting started with the new streaming tool

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