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City Council unanimously approves Sint-Lodewijk's master plan: working on the future of 'Oes Sellewie'

City Council unanimously approves Sint-Lodewijk’s master plan: working on the future of ‘Oes Sellewie’

The city council unanimously gave the green light to the DNA master plan for the village of Sint-Lodewijk. Several actions are involved and determine the form of “Sellewie” in the short, medium, long or very long term.

It has been known for some time that the municipality of Derlejk wants to focus on re-evaluating the cores and achieving more quality in the public space. The redevelopment and renewal of Sint-Ludwig’s village center (or “Sellewie” in popular rhetoric) is high on the agenda. The municipality of Sint-Lodewijk hopes to create a beautiful, fun and safe nucleus of “Sellewities” with a DNA master plan that uses cranes in public spaces to map, strengthen and disseminate village identity.

Topics and projects

During a walk into the future, the residents of Sint-Lodewijk were given access to the masterplan, which the municipality of Derlejk achieved last year in cooperation with the province of West Flanders. This plan is built around five axes: population and village culture, the village as a link in a climate-strong landscape, the village as an engine for sustainable mobility, the village in a network of facilities, and the building of a small village.

The plan also focuses on five projects: a green village square, a multi-purpose gym, an adventure-filled school park, a landscaped sports and leisure park, and “Oes DNA”.


When asked what makes Sellewie unique, the answers in the survey were unanimous, i.e. ‘people,’ explains Alderman Bert Schlefhout (Open Vld). Sellewie has a close-knit community, with a close-knit, committed and open village culture, fueled by a rich community life. To figure out where and when to meet the Sellewettes, we got to work with a village calendar and a map of favorite places. Olieberg was nominated as the most beautiful view of the village. ”

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We ask ourselves how can we encourage children and parents to cycle to school

“We find the aspect of ‘meeting in the village’ very important. Both outdoors and indoors, in the landscape around the village as well as in the village itself: in private and everyday moments, in intimate places, but certainly also in public. Church Square is sans Doubt one of the residents’ favorite places, but at the moment it is not the most inspiring public space in the village.You will find nothing more than a village car park and a driveway.But there are plenty of opportunities to turn it into a real village square.Heemplein, Chiro’s backyard and elementary school also score good results. At the top of the favorite places. The municipality has already redeveloped the large green area, with various wooden sides, adventure games and a valley to play.”

sustainable mobility

“The master plan also pays a lot of attention to sustainable mobility. Walking and cycling to school should be normal in the village. But in the morning it’s bustling with cars around the school. Not that there is a lack of will to take the children to school by bike, but the situation is assessed as “Extremely dangerous.” And that is unjustified. We ask ourselves how we can encourage children and parents to cycle to school. Keeping freight movement out of the center at peak times at school, more supervised crossings, or a walking and cycling pool, is referred to as Potential stimulating actions.

“As Sellewie is alive, the spaces available for association life are being used frequently and are already partly over-requested. Recent developments have also announced the arrival of a large number of new families. So support functions should grow with it. In this area we want to focus on A cross-functional heritage Aldermann Bert Schelfhout concludes that it is important that existing and possibly new infrastructures be integrated, integrated and attractive to different users.

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