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‘Come and camp with us’: Dictokers help women seeking abortion in the United States

Secret advice for women who want to have an abortion will appear on TicTac and Twitter, posts calling on privacy experts to eliminate menstrual cramps. Washington Post Let us know how you can safely view information ‘without leaving the digital path’.

“If anyone needs a lift to the ‘Safe Camps’ position, go inside and I’ll drive.” Roe v. Similar secret records have been circulating on Tiktok since Wade was wiped out. With this, Dictac users living in states where the right to abortion is still protected want to provide their home as a safe place for women who can no longer perform abortions in their home state. These posts have appeared under the hashtags #wegodowntogether and #ifwegodownthenwegodowntogether and have received over 20 million views.

The Supreme Court on Friday overturned a nearly 50-year-old ruling that protects the constitutional right to abortion in the United States. That is, individual states can now decide whether to restrict or prohibit abortion. According to the GoodMatch Institute, after the Supreme Court ruling, 26 states will “definitely ban abortion.”

The ruling has sparked a trend on social media for people living in states where abortion is legal to offer their homes as a “safe place”. For example, user @confidentiallykatie writes: “I live 90 minutes from the U.S. border in Niagara Falls and vineyards. My 4 sisters and I want to go with you to ‘taste wine’.” Many keywords are used on social media to describe abortion, such as “taste wine,” “camping,” “get rid of everything,” “visit family.” Indicates the number of pregnancies that are legal.

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Additionally, there are calls to remove apps like Flow and Glue that monitor your menstrual cycle because the app’s data is shared with third parties. Use pen and paper, he said on Twitter. Legal experts say the information you leave behind in states where aiding or abetting abortion is illegal could be used against you The Wall Street Journal.

A Google search for abortion pills or a text message about getting pregnant are all ‘sources of evidence’. Washington Post In an article about Everything you need to know to keep your information safe when having an abortion

One of the newspaper’s nine tips is to “use encrypted messaging applications when discussing your situation.”

“Sometimes police forces extract data from license plate readers or strategically located face recognition software systems across state borders. If you need breeding services, consider using alternatives rather than your own car. “