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Contract negotiations between Walloon and Belvius "technical, not political" |  internal

Contract negotiations between Walloon and Belvius “technical, not political” | internal

Negotiations on the renewal of the treasurer’s contract between Walloon and Pelvius are “technical, not political.” This was stated by Walloon Budget Minister Adrien Dolemont (MR) on Monday at the relevant parliamentary committee. He received questions on the matter from a number of deputies of the majority and the opposition.

A lot of ink has been spilled on the necklace in recent days. Belvius wants to contact the cashier, which is usually extended for several years, this time But it extends for a maximum of two yearsuntil 2024. As a home banker, the bank does not have a good view of the financial situation in Wallonia and the rise of the far-left party PVDA.
It is no coincidence that the extension will only last until 2024. Thus the bank can estimate how the next government can eliminate the growing debt ratio in the region.

Minister Wallon Dolemont confirmed on Monday that the discussions were confidential, but reminded that it was not a new contract. On the state of Walloon’s public finances, “We are aware of the situation,” Dolemont said. “There is a strategy, which means that there should be structural and additional savings of 150 million per annual budget. This strategy was implemented in 2022 and will also be implemented in 2023 and 2024.

“I understand that people are concerned about the financial situation in Wallonia. This situation is the result of the crises of recent years. However, we have a definite course. We have the resources and there are budgetary margins to do something about this situation. The minister concluded.

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Wallonia is heading towards a public debt of 50 billion euros by 2030. The state bank faces significant financial risks because it has made many loans to the Walloon region.