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Crisis Emergency Shelter Ternussen does not travel empty: ‘Do not know when newcomers will arrive’

According to Samantha Strupand of the Terneuzen Municipality, it is sometimes surprising when another van is parked in the old library to pick up refugees. Then suddenly a bus stopped in front of the door. “I have six people from the womb,” the driver said. The refugees then left and went to the entrance of the reception room.

Strubond emphasizes the importance of good management to prevent undesirable situations. “We need to keep track of how many people have arrived. Before you know it, we’ll be over 150. The vans will keep coming.”

Alderman Laszlo van de Vourde and Geron de Buck saw with their own eyes the condition of the emergency shelter in crisis. “It’s very painful to see how many families there are with children,” Van de Wurt said. Both leaders are satisfied with how refugees are welcomed. “There is a whole group of people who do everything they can to feel something beautiful,” says Van de Wourde.

Refugees are taken to different parts of the country once every two weeks. Van de Wort was not happy about that. “That’s not right. The COA asks us, we have provided a good place. But it is not best to drive somewhere else every two weeks.”

Since Wednesday, Zeeland has been one of four security zones responsible for providing emergency shelter to 600 asylum seekers for two weeks. This step will help alleviate the situation of the application center at Ter Apel. Refugees have had to go there several times in the past weeks Sleeping chairs on the sidewalk
The security area selected the building where the library used to be. In early March, the library opened a new building in Terneuzen headed by Noordstraat.

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