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Cyclomedia depicting public space

Cyclomedia depicting public space

From the beginning of June to the end of July, Cyclomedia will once again photograph the public space of the municipality of Nederweert.

with private cars
The company does this on behalf of ECGeo, the Leudal-Nederweert-Roermond-Weert Geographical Collaboration. Private cars are used to take 360-degree panoramic photos of public roads.

using photos
Municipalities use these images, for example, to inspect and manage public spaces, maintain public order and safety and make spatial plans. These pictures were made in almost all municipalities of Limburg.

Recordings are exclusively for public or private activities and are made available under strict conditions. Persons and license plates cannot be recognized. For this purpose, CycloMedia has appointed a Data Protection Officer to monitor the application and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The recordings are not posted online or otherwise published.

For questions or objections, please contact CycloMedia Technology BV, PO Box 2201, 5300 CE Zaltbommel, or via email: [email protected] For more information, visit

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