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Davinia VanMichelen leads Flames to a big win over Luxembourg with three goals and assists |  red flame

Davinia VanMichelen leads Flames to a big win over Luxembourg with three goals and assists | red flame


Clear the ground red torch with Luxembourg in the farewell match. Jorge’s goal left the Belgians suspicious for a few minutes, but under Davinia Vanmichelen’s drive, Flames head into the European Championships in England with a good feeling.


15′ Fanmichelen: 1-0

34′ Jorge: 1-1

44′ FanMichelin: 2-1

45′ + 4 tesiac: 3-1

48′ VanMichelin: 4-1

73′ tesiac: 5-1

81′ Bloom: 6-1

Jorge raises doubts, Fanmichelen is certain

Going to the European Championship with a good feeling. This was the assignment of the Red Flames before the start of the match against neighboring country and football boy Luxembourg.

The Belgians started their party furiously. Davinia Vanmichelen missed the opening goal after barely half a minute from very close. The precursor of the dominant display by the flame in the opening stage.

Vanmechelen was able to take advantage of the rebound in the 15th minute to get her team ahead. The Red Flames dominated it all… until a 16-year-old slipped out of the grip of the Belgian defense and Lemmy passed the equaliser.

Feeling good, hello Doubts about the European Championship? “Not if it was up to me,” Daphnia Vanmichelen must have thought. With a goal and assist, she gave her team a welcome breathing room at halftime.

After the first half ended, she was followed by adding an aesthetic to the cake and completing a hat-trick of goals and assists. A confidence boost for the entire team follows with certainty: Davinia Vanmechelen is ready for the bigger job.

Check out some of the goals of the match:

Cernells: “This way you can go to the European Championships”

Yves Cernells is a satisfied national coach after the big win in the training match. “As you can see today, a lot of players are showing that they are ready if we need them,” he said after the match.

“We showed today that we have more than 11 good players. I haven’t seen a single player who didn’t show the right attitude. This way you can go to the European Championship.”

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