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De Buurman moves to the center for space and activity

De Buurman moves to the center for space and activity

Bormann will have new neighbors at the end of August. Marlos Naberman is moving from a successful second-hand clothing store to a location located in the middle of a shopping street. Hope to open at Hoogstraat 13 on Euifeestweek. Marlous: “This new building is more open with more daylight.” They are also looking to do more among colleagues in the heart of downtown.

The move comes on the heels of Marlous’ growth in recent years. “Compared to when I started, the number of apparel contributors has doubled.” This does not mean that more clothes will be hung in the new store immediately, but it does mean that they can be presented more beautifully and can change more in terms of assembly. “I also get a lot more storage space, which is great. I am very excited about the place. I want to turn it into a distinctive building where the color will stand out.”

You will be in the building where the contour hair salon has been working for a long time. What’s special is that two hairstylists from this salon keep their chairs, but soon among the shopping crowd. Marlos: “I love some movement in the store, and I think combining clothes and hairdressing is a great concept. Moreover, I love working with other entrepreneurs to make something beautiful together.” At the moment there is also the possibility of a flexible hairdresser to rent a chair.
Collaboration is also the key word in regards to the communication that Marlos has with everyone who contributes children’s and women’s clothing. “They trust me that I will handle the matter well if they leave the clothes with me. It benefits me, and so do the shareholders.”

Social media, especially the use of Instagram, has been important in communicating with customers in recent years. “I’ve always thought of it as the art of making something very personal via Instagram – something that seems so far away. And I often find that it works. Sometimes people come here for the first time and say ‘Hey, Marlos’ like we’ve known each other for a long time.”

In addition to the majority of children’s clothing, the women’s fashion department has actually grown in recent years. Thirty percent of what is now offered is for adults. Young girls come to me often. They’re browsing Vinted online, and what used to be about “new”, is now more common to wear second-hand clothes.”

When De Buurman opens on Hoogstraat 13, the old site will remain open for a while to anyone who wasn’t aware of the move.

Posted by Bas Jansen

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