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Decorate your home in style: Interior Architect Bart Appeltans |.  Swears by these 10 essential rules of the MyGuide Guide

Decorate your home in style: Interior Architect Bart Appeltans |. Swears by these 10 essential rules of the MyGuide Guide

HLN . StoreIs your interior design ready for a makeover but you have no idea how to get started? Bart Appeltans of Sfar interior and architecture, known as “Blind Gekocht” interior designer, reveals that HLN . Store These are the ten commandments for a successful interior.

By Lynn Guillaume, in collaboration with HLN SHop

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1. Use one shade of white

White effortlessly resists all directions and elevations and remains the perfect starting point for any interior design. Whether you like rustic, modern, bohemian or eclectic style: the white base is the right choice. “Keep it in one shade of white that you use for walls, ceiling, doors, and skirting boards,” says Bart Appeltans. “A warm white shade with a brownish-gray tinge instantly gives you even more interior comfort and luxury.”

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2. Reducing the number of materials

In order not to turn from the inside into a mixed bag, it is better to limit the number of materials. “Use up to three main materials. For example, choose one type of parquet, one type of stone for the floors and a main material for things like cabinet walls and extend these materials throughout your home. This is how you create unity in the home.” Bart’s Holy Rule of Three also applies to the design of your home interior. “To keep things calm, it’s best to use no more than three distinct materials in the room, such as an accent color, wallpaper, or a marble top.”

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Reduce the number of materials and colors to create the whole. © Bas Bartott

3. Bringing daylight

Natural daylight is one of the most important atmosphere makers in the home. Are you planning to renovate your home? Then introduce as much light as possible. I always try to make sure that daylight enters at least two and preferably three or four facades. The more daylight comes in, the more atmospheric the space.” Pieces and pieces of work of course aren’t always an option. You can also work with clever tricks in a room with little light.” Choose bright walls that reflect daylight, and use glossy materials like glass and high-gloss doors. And mirrors…” Also think about window coverings. “For example, choose curtains that only cover the window at night.”

4. Use warm light

Artificial light adds atmosphere and comfort to your home. It is indispensable provided that you choose the right lighting. “There is nothing more annoying than a cold, bluish light. Always choose a warm LED light. 2700K is the ideal lighting temperature for your cabin. Bulbs between 4000 and 5000 K are really great to use in your home.”

"The more daylight enters, the more atmospheric the space will be

“The more daylight comes in, the more atmospheric there is.” © Melissa van Boxsteel

5. Work in the right order

Choice often feels lost. But unless you have an endless budget, you will have to prioritize. “Take your interior projects in order of importance. Do you dream of a library with built-in wardrobes where you can enjoy your book every evening? Then put your money there. Choose what really matters, rather than investing in a guest room where a guest sleeps once a year. Make choices that add value. into your everyday life and really enjoy it.”

6. Take it all into consideration

Shopping for furniture, choosing accessories, making color decisions… the more decisions you have to make, the harder it is to keep an overview. “Always take care of bigger picture in your head. For example, take a floor sample with you when you go shopping for other materials.” Give yourself a kind of “inner hand” to which you can customize each option.” This helps to form a coherent whole. At the end of the journey, it is important that everything blends well.”

7. Design your outdoor space

The comfort outside your home also defines the comfort in your own home. Does your living room open up to a crowded patio or a soulless garden? Not exactly the view that helps you relax. ‘Use the connection with your outdoor space in a positive way and furnish your balcony in a comfortable way. This way you instantly have extra living space and can enjoy a beautiful view from your living room.’

Always keep everything in mind.

Always keep everything in mind. © Bas Bartott

8. Think Job

Beautiful aesthetics, but it is not the only thing. “The interior should be functional enough that you can really live in it. There’s nothing more annoying than a constantly crowded living room because there simply isn’t room to store everything. A marble kitchen countertop looks nice, but it’s very sensitive to stains. You can see every single piece of fabric.” On a parquet floor painted black … To avoid regret after this, it is better not only to choose what you like, but also to pay attention to the practical side. ”

9. Get rid of stereotyped thinking patterns

A sofa right in front of the TV, a tiled bathroom, a dining table surrounded by six chairs… These are consistent values ​​that many Flemish hold dear. A pity, Bart Abeltans thinks. “Who said that you can’t use cloth in the bathroom? And that in the kitchen there should be a table, usually less than three meters from the dining table in the living room? Get rid of the classic patterns of thinking and try to think more creatively. ” Your dream interior should fit into your lifestyle. Make your choices accordingly. “With the amazing design and the fun use of materials, you’ll get the most amazing interior.”

Dare to break away from the classic thinking patterns.  This sofa, for example, also serves as a storage space.

Dare to break away from the classic thinking patterns. This sofa, for example, also serves as a storage space. © Safari

10. Work with a professional

Is your inner project too big to manage yourself, or have you lost your general appearance? Then dare to ask for help. “Professionals are used to creating beautiful interiors for others. It is an investment. So make sure it is worth the money.” The most important criteria for searching for the right professional? “Choose someone who really clicks and understands exactly how you want to organize your life. Such a person can really add value to your project.”

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