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Delphine Pearson Boxing in Dubai: “The Burj Al Arab stand is unique and amazing” |  boxing

Delphine Pearson Boxing in Dubai: “The Burj Al Arab stand is unique and amazing” | boxing

What doesn’t fit the list: Zwevezele, Ardooie, Lichtervelde, Dubai? Boxer Delphine Pearson didn’t think twice when asked if she would be freestyle boxing on May 14 atop the Burj Al Arab, an event that tops boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. But what does this really mean, boxing expert Alan Vanderich?

$500,000 for a ring seat

“We’re already starting to look at the helipad. It’s really unique – and I have to say – absolutely amazing.” Delfine Person is really looking forward to camping on top
The only 7-star hotel in the world.

As does boxing expert Alan Vanderich. “I immediately think: the sun, it’s warm and if a sandstorm blows, the wind will blow hard there. Special!”

“The max size of the boxing ring is 6m x 6m. So there won’t be much room for the crowd.” About two hundred lucky people can attend the camp. But with prices ranging from $75,000 to $500,000 for the seat next to the loop, it’s just for the happy few

She will not attend, but she will get a serious scholarship for this

Alan Vandrich, boxing expert

But how do our Belgians end up there? “This is thanks to the director Izzedine Lagoon, a man from Nineveh and brother of boxer Bilal Lagoon,” Alan knows. “He actually worked with Floyd Mayweather when he came to play a basketball game in Antwerp.”

“Mayweather and his management have been very happy with this, so communications have remained very good. The fact that Izz al-Din is also a Muslim will open additional doors in Dubai as well.”

Moreover, the person in the pay-per-view event will not cause any harm. “She won’t be in, but she will continue to receive a serious scholarship. That is greater than in a room in West Flanders.”

Anthony Joshua once trained at the Burj Al Arab

“Dolphin camp is a great camp”

Floyd Mayweather Camp is a real show. He fights against his former sparring partner who won’t stand in his way. Pearson is definitely about marble.

“In fact, Delphine’s fight against Frenchman Ilhem Maklad is the only fight that really matters,” explains our boxing expert. “This is a big camp, in the sense that Makhlid is still undefeated in 15 camps.”

Khaled is also 6 years younger than Delphine, and comes from the famous French boxing gym. But then again, she didn’t have as much opposition as Pearson.

“I’m looking forward to this camp. The setup was short, but she actually should be able to handle this. If you compare the palms, it should be possible.”

Delphine is looking forward to it herself!

Athlete perhaps last chance?

From a sporting point of view, this could yield something for Delphine Pearson, who is now 37 years old anyway. “Tomorrow is D-Day. Then I’ll fight in the semi-finals, so to speak, and hope if I win I can get a fight for the WBC real world title,” hopes Delphine.

“But Delphine is just a dangerous opponent for everyone. That is why not everyone is so eager to get into the ring with her,” Alan fears. “That is the big problem. Everyone walks in a wide arc around her.”

Time is running out for Delfine, because her opponents are just waiting for her

Alan Vandrich, boxing expert

With Delfine, the scene is always guaranteed. It remains to be seen if she will eventually be able to win the WBC World Featherweight title against American Alicia Baumgartner.

“Despite her world title, Baumgartner doesn’t have much experience dealing with Pearson and not a single manager is going to say, ‘Hey, run that Belgian’.”

“Time is running out for Delphine, because her opponents are just waiting for her…”

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