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Demi Lovato Loves Cover by Davina Michele: "Can I Borrow That Trick?"  |  Music

Demi Lovato Loves Cover by Davina Michele: “Can I Borrow That Trick?” | Music

MusicInternational superstar Demi Lovato (28) responded with praise on the cover of Dutch Davina Michele (25). The American artist even wants to take a vocal trick from Davina.

“Wow wow wow,” Lovato excitedly wrote to her 110 million Instagram followers with photos of Davina’s version of “Stone Cold.”

A fan sent Demi a part of the cover that Davina recorded over two years ago for her YouTube channel. Lovato particularly liked the so-called runs What Davina does with her voice. When you do this, you quickly sing several notes in succession, ie increasingly louder, as Davina does in the word “ifFrom 1:40 minutes:

“Unbelievable,” writes Demi, who running He also sings in the 2015 original, but he seems to like Davina’s version better. “Can I have these running Borrow?”

Davina thanks Demi on Instagram for the compliments. I wrote, “That’s great.”

Kelly Clarkson

This is not the first time that Dutch singer Michel Davina Hoogendoorn, as her full name, has stood out among foreign stars. For example, the world famous Kelly Clarkson recently performed the song Davina on her hit talk show on American TV.

And in 2017, Davina took the world with her cover of the pink song What About Us, after the American singer saw herself as “looking better than ever.” Davina’s cover has been viewed more than 19 million times:

Her friend Nikkie de Jager, also known as NikkieTutorials, introduced Davina to her huge international fan following last year. The two recorded a video for the Nikkie channel, where Davina gave make-up instructions for the tune of her songs. This is how she sang in Skyward notYou just have to go to the sky‘, But ‘You can take your foundation“.

Thanks to ‘Hoe het danst’, her hit song with Marco Borsato and Armin Van Buuren, Davina Michelle’s career was launched with us.

Davina recently performed in front of millions of viewers at the Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Sweet Water”. As sung on Qmusic:

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