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Digital Foundry checks out Starfield’s trailer

While many people, including The Watch, think Starfield looks beautiful, Digital Foundry’s technical analysis shows that’s not always the case. The trailer is presented in native 4K resolution, but depending on the technical platform it clearly differs in sharpness in different scenes. The gameplay visuals also seem to lack any kind of smoothing, so sharp edges can’t be counted on one hand. Scenes, on the other hand, use TAA technology similar to that of Fallout 4, which, according to Digital Foundry, is very similar to what we’ll see in the final product.

Of course, Starfield still needs a lot of polishing, because Bethesda’s RPG was delayed for over half a year last month for some reason. So De Wacht is confident that the sharp edges will remain smooth. Additionally, you have to be a true tech expert to see these kinds of things with the naked eye. It’s nice that Digital Foundry is looking into things like this, but let’s not get carried away too much. De Wacht thought the trailer looks slick and that the minor glitches it saw, Bethesda would definitely fix it before release. What do you think? Did you notice the issues Digital Foundry raises, or was the whole thing a piece of candy?

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