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Discount on gas bill ... 3 euros

Discount on gas bill … 3 euros

From July, the prices charged by Fluxys Gas Infrastructure Manager will be reduced. For small consumers, this means a discount of 3 euros on the gas bill. every year.

Fluxys transfer fee share in your gas bill is limited. In normal times, tariffs are 3 to 4 percent of the bill, in the current context of high gas prices of no more than 2 percent. However, Fluxys and federal energy regulator Creg decided to cut tariffs by 10 percent effective July 1. For the period 2022-2023, this total amount of 45 million euros that will flow to the consumer.

“The announced tariff cut is a result of the evolution of the settlement account and is in line with Fluxys Belgium and Creg’s desire to support consumers in the context of rising natural gas prices,” a press release read.

For small consumers – who are facing the most expensive gas prices ever – the drop in transport rates is a drop in the ocean: 3 euros a year, Fluxys calculates. “This is actually not so much for a small consumer. But for large consumers – such as some companies – it can be several thousand euros”, a spokesman for the gas carrier said.

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