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Disney immediately puts its first TV franchise aside |  Famous People

Disney immediately puts its first TV franchise aside | Famous People

Peter Rice, who is responsible for Disney’s 20th Television, ABC Entertainment, ABC News and FX, has been at the helm of the company since 2019. Prior to that, he worked for thirty years at 21th Century Fox, which Disney acquired in 2019. American news site CNBC reported That layoff comes as Disney is working hard to expand its broadcast branch. The chapter might be related to that.

Anonymous sources in The Los Angeles Times say it didn’t fit well with the new direction Disney wanted to take. Distribution decisions — whether new shows would air on traditional TV channels or streaming services — could have been handed over to Karim Daniel since CEO Bob Chuck arrived. As a result, people like Peter Rice had no opportunity to make decisions. This caused tensions between Rice and Daniel, so much so that insiders were surprised that Rice’s contract was extended last year.

But on Wednesday, he took Rice’s tangle aside and told him in a conversation that lasted less than 10 minutes that he had been fired. It is said that there was no “good match”. According to insiders, Rice did not expect to resign. He was succeeded by Dana Walden.

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