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Do men and women deserve unequal treatment?  Join the conversation!

Do men and women deserve unequal treatment? Join the conversation!

Presenter Jort Kelder will visit several Dutch universities on the Jortcast Grand Tour. He talks to scientists about current events and the latest insights into scientific research. The audience can participate in the discussion, after which there is an opportunity to have a drink with the guests.

Do you want to be there? You can register with RUG.

Differences between men and women

The first hour can be watched live on NPO Radio 1. Then, among other things, Prof. Dr. / Cisca Wijmenga will sit down to speak on the University of Groningen. The University of Groningen is one of the oldest – with 35,000 students and also one of the largest – universities in the Netherlands. Wijmenga is the first female rector of the university since 1614. How is the university in modern times? Wijmenga conducts her own research into the intestines and genetic disorders. How hereditary is gluten intolerance?

At two o’clock we discuss with (among others) Groningen scholar Iris Sommer about the differences between men and women (or nothing?). Sommer Professor of Cognitive Aspects of Neuropsychiatric Disorders. She has published over 250 articles on hallucinations, language, cognition, and psychosis.

In addition, Sommer carefully studied women’s brains and published the results in her book The Women’s Brain. According to Somer, this brain is about 12 percent smaller, and there are more differences with the brains of men. But fortunately: a smaller female head does not lead to a lower IQ …

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