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‘Do not wait to embark on your dream journey’ | To travel

Better memory

“In April of this year I ran the Arizona Trail, which was much harder than I expected. After more than 1,100 kilometers of hiking we arrived at the Grand Canyon with tears streaming down my cheeks. I was so proud of myself and glad to be there. .


“While sandboarding in Hugachina, Peru, I came off the board and jumped down a large sand dune like a rag doll. It was a tough blow and I thought it was the end of my vacation. The next day I had terrible nausea and I thought I had a concussion. I had to sit on the bus for twelve hours to get to the nearby big city. I did not have a concussion, but in the end I had to relax for a week and take painkillers. “


“I was scared to go to Australia on my own, but it was great. In four weeks I saw the highlights of the East Coast, met a lot of good people. After that I made many more dream trips on my own.

With you forever

“My e-reader. I like to read, it is better to do something if you have to wait a long time when you are traveling alone.


“I grew up in Ludgast, the village where researcher Abel Tasman was born. His greatest invention was New Zealand and I heard a lot about it in elementary school. That country has always fascinated me. Plus, it sounds crazy in nature.


“Lagos is the perfect city in Portugal. Not too big, but many convenient restaurants and cafes and beaches, easily accessible by public transport and many beautiful sidewalks in the area. Also, I find the Portuguese to be very friendly and hospitable.

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“Don’t wait for your dream trip to happen, it won’t happen. If you really want to go somewhere, start planning and saving it. Didn’t you take anyone with you? Go alone.”


“Berlin and New York. Everyone was so excited, so I went there with high expectations. Berlin can be very unfortunate in terms of weather (wet snow in April, very cold) and New York was too busy and too hot (35 degrees). Maybe I should give them a second chance.

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