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Don't Miss The 5 Android Apps & Games (Version 36 2022)

Don’t Miss The 5 Android Apps & Games (Version 36 2022)

Learn about traitors and create your own train system. These are the best Android apps and games of the week.

Read on after the announcement.

1. Winter Mobile Project

The Winter Mobile project is all about trust. Together with 7 other players you will find yourself in a blizzard and only by working together will you have a chance to survive. There is only one problem: Not everyone in the group is honest. Among them are traitors.

These fellow suspects do everything they can to stir up unrest within the group and delay escape. “Honest” players have to collect wood, search for things (such as food) and figure out how to escape.

Winter Mobile Project

Bolt Trend Games

2. Lucky Luna

Slowly but surely the game section of Netflix More and more shape. Lucky Luna is a platform game where you guide the protagonist (Luna) through a beautiful but treacherous world. You avoid traps, jump over obstacles, and solve (relatively easy) puzzles.

Lucky Luna |  Official game launch announcement |  Netflix

In addition to climbing, climbing and jumping, the gameplay mainly consists of exploring caves and dungeons. The game controls are original by the way, because you can move Luna from side to side by swiping your phone screen. Lucky Luna can only be played for Netflix customers.

3. Yu-Gi-Oh! cross fencing

A new game has appeared in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel, as the name suggests, is all about fencing. By placing cards on the game board, you summon monsters. These monsters can excel in defense and attack, or even have special powers. When the other player’s health bar reaches the bottom, you win.

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Cross Duel can be played alone, but also in a group. There are many game modes in Cross Duel, such as the one in which you have to defeat a boss with 3 other players. The game is especially interesting for fans of the series.



4. Pwned Report

Internet crimes are on the increase. Almost every week a new malware virus appears that tries to extort money from people. Pwned Report doesn’t help you protect against it, but it does help you detect it. The program will notify you if your phone has been hacked.

After installing Pwned Report, simply hit the scan button. The app then checks if any suspicious apps or processes are running on your device. Usually there is nothing wrong, but sometimes Pwned advises you to check again.

Pwned Report: Check Your Device

Pwned Report

5. Railway

Railbound is a soothing puzzle game about trains, how could it be otherwise. Each level starts with a locomotive, two freight cars, and some train tracks. It is up to you to turn these rails in such a way that eventually a well-functioning train network is created.

Railbound - Launch Trailer (Google Play)

This sounds simple, but befitting a good puzzle game, it’s still pretty hot. For example, you also have to take speed into account, because when the train goes too fast, you increase the risk of accidents.

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