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Dreamboy girl scores 85/85 on SK Berlicum

Dreamboy girl scores 85/85 on SK Berlicum

The two Dreamboy daughters scored 85 points on the Berlikum Genealogy Book Examination today. They were Ostara ST-J (Dream Boy x Totilas) and Orissa (Dream Boy x Sunny Boy). In all, 32 of the 41 mares presented became a star.

The Brabant Inquisition season started well today in Berlecom. Of the 34 three-year-old mares, 26 became excellent mares, and among the seven four-year-old mares, there were six.

highest score

With 85 points twice Ostara ST-J (Dream Boy out of Havana elite EPTM-dres PROK by Totilas) from breeders Grietje and Hans Jansen from Joppe and Welmoed Jansen from The Hague Tastemaker. Damha is a half-sister to international sports stallions Chagall D&R (by Jazz) and Bretton Woods (by Johnson). “This mare has a lot of charisma and print. She has a nice forehand stroke, a strong topline and a firm, correct foundation. She trots with a lot of self movement, strength, lunge, good use of the front leg and a good back foot that goes down. She has a lot of technique in the canter, She changes easily and shows good posture. Her stride is active, with good use of space and body, “explains Inspector Bart Pax.

Dreamboy again

Another Dream Boy daughter also scored well at Berlicum. this Orissa (From Arissa by Sunny Boy) From breeder MAM Coenders of Vught rated 80/85. “This mare is well-muscled and has a lot of expressions, beautiful front limbs and a strong model with well-developed feet. At trotting and trotting she has a lot of flexibility, leg technique, range and lunge. Her gait is active, she has good range and use of the body.”

Ferdo × Goethe

Five three-year-old mares achieved an 80/80 sterling backrest, including Ostara (Ferdeaux out of Glamor VW by Goethe) from breeder Eva Boden-Bottenheft from Essen. “This mare is generously developed with a good rectangular form, she can have a more youthful appearance and move with good posture. She trots with good range and lunge, and is light in weight with good balance. She can also change well.”

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Just Wimphof and Toto Jr

Odiora E (Just Wimphof out of Diora ster by Vivaldi) from breeder H. van Erp from Nuland and O Welty VZ (Glock’s Toto Jr. out of Welty VZ ster IBOP-dres by Welt Hit II) from breeder A. Star predicate. “Odiora E is a generously developed, long-cushioned mare, with beautiful fore quarters and a strong topline. Her crotch is slightly slanted. She rolls with good grace, rolls up easily and struts with more than enough leg technique. The O Welty VZ is a young mare, more than padded long enough with a well-muscled neck and a strong top line. It’s a light-footed trot, with more than enough technique and impulsiveness, and a light-footed cult too.”

Zippo EG and Fürst Fabrice

Also Ogene (Zippo EG from Jillz elite IBOP-dres sport-dres D-OC by Everdale) from breeders CM van Popering of Oud Gastel and Only Star VZ (Fürst Fabrice out of G-Star VZ Elite IBOP-dres PROK by Tango) from Breeder A. Koenen from Erp became a superstar with an 80/80 ratio. “Ogene is more than adequately developed, neck well positioned and basically good quality. She jogs with plenty of spring and suspension moments and good use of the back leg. The daughter of Fürst Fabrice Only Star VZ has a lot of charisma, muscular front limbs and a lot of looks.” She’s youthful. She jogs lightly and can change gears easily. She has a good rush in canter.”


Taminyao’s daughter oedide (From Evita D-OC by Johnson) From breeder Lars op ‘t Hoog of Haghorst became 75/85 caliber. “This mare could have been a little bit oblong in shape, but she moves well. She trots with a lot of leg technique and body use, has a lot of balance and range and can shift really well. Her use of her hind leg is also positive.”

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also Ottoman (Secret from Go-Totieni elite IBOP-dres sport-dres PROK by Totilas) from CAA Backx breeder from Breda became stere with a ratio of 75/85. “This mare can go really well, trot with a lot of power and range, and also lunge with a lot of lunge and good range. In terms of formation, the mare does a solid thing.”

Older mares

Four-year-old Nanoux Bij-S (Glock’s Toto Jr. of Fox Elite IBOP-dres sport-dres D-OC by Jazz) received from breeders AJ Smelt of Drunen and RJ Feenstra of Riethoven 75/85. “This mare walks actively and with good use of the body. She trots with good front leg technique, good posture and dexterity. She has good balance and lunge in the canter.” Feel Good’s daughter Medulga (from Dolga elite IBOP-dres PROK from Jazz, breeder H. van Steenis from Wadenoijen) from Paardencentrum De Dalhoeve of Ommeren came in 75/80, while miador (Franklin of Didora Elite IBOP-dres sport-dres PROK D-OC of Uphill, breeder EPJ Teurlinx of Helvoirt) owned by N. Donkers of Venhorst 70/80. “Both mare had foals at their feet, from New Orleans and Forsten Bull respectively. Medolga has an active trot with good use of the back leg and suppleness. She hovers uphill and can use more body use in walking. Franklin Medora’s daughter trots with good gentleness and lunge. She wears Good posture and can easily change gears. In terms of shaping, it’s attractive but could be a little more sophisticated.”

source: KWPN