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Drones ensure quick registration of public places

Drones ensure quick registration of public places

Since 2020, the municipalities of Teylingen, Hillegom, Lisse and Katwijk have been working together in the Bollenstreek Regional Drone Team. After the first drone, this year the deployment of a second drone followed. Drones are used, among other things, to collect data for basic registration and property inspections.

Written by Marieke Forn

Pilot Hugo Gerlings prepares the drone Thursday morning, August 25, midway through Noordelijke Randweg in Voorhout. The new road must also be included in the BGT (Base Large Topography Register). According to this law, each municipality is obliged to include all visible parts of the public space in the basic registration. The result of this registration can be viewed via the PDOK National Viewer. Many businesses, government organizations, individuals, emergency services and supporting navigation systems benefit from this.

The recording used to be done by surveyors in the field, but with the help of a drone this could be done much faster, Gerlings explains. “This new route can be captured by a drone in two hours, for example, which takes surveyors two weeks.” Moreover, the drone also provides more data: “The surveyor only collects 5 percent of the data that the drone records.”

In 2020, the regional drone team was the first municipal team to have its own drone with a drone pilot and a full ROC (Remote Operator Certification) license. The team now includes many pilots who regularly follow mandatory training courses and are required to pass exams. Orhan Demir says they do more than just capture. We also check, though from another inspection, the use of beach homes. We have contributed to environmental research by mapping the vegetation of the dune area from above.

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Signs inform passersby that a drone operation is underway. Each ride is purchased in advance via the municipality’s page, among other things.

Meanwhile, Geerlings flies the drone over the new road. Fortunately, the wind is not very strong, because from 6-8 wind strength the device cannot rise into the air. And it’s also dry, fortunately, because drones can’t stand rain.