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DS 7 (Crossback) - Facelift Friday

DS 7 (Crossback) – Facelift Friday

Although we’re a little used to it now, the DS brand will always be discussion food for car enthusiasts. The premium brand – then – PSA derives its magic two-letter collection from the Citroën DS, which for this reason was later erased from the official Citroën history in all sorts of places. The manner in which the brand was launched has sparked some controversy. First, the DS 3, DS 4 and DS 5 were introduced under the brand name Citroën, but in a face lift This trio has its brand name and logo. So the DS 7 Crossback, which we are talking about today, is the first car of the DS brand that was never sold as Citroën.

It was as strict as those previous transformations from Citroën to DS Thus, the last facelift of the DS 7 is nott, but there is still a lot to discover. The nose design is ideally suited for a facelift, since there is a separate plate between the hood and the grille. This smaller version can be modified without much effort during modernization, as a result of which the headlights are now slightly more V-shaped against each other. So the grille starts out a little lower and it’s also different in shape, wider and steeper.

The ‘DS Wings’, as the DS calls the thicker trim on either side of that grille, are now limited to the headlights. It is a bit flat and also sharper in shape. It’s a pity that the rotating elements in those lights, a striking feature of the DS 7 Crossback, are missing in the new version. The huge waterfall of LED lighting that acts as a daylight below is new. Previously there was a similar unit here, but in a different form and more rounded. The missing fog lights and the cooling hatch under the actual grille, which also has a different interpretation, fit better with the rest of the front part.

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From the side, it is noticeable that the new DS 7 looks a bit untidy, especially due to the lack of a decorative element at the bottom of the front door. At the rear, too, we see more sharp folds and right angles, this is to make the ‘7’ a better match with the latest DS models. For example, the lines between the rear window and the taillights are new, as is the sharp fold just above the number plate recess. The taillights retain their great design, but have grown somewhat. Of course, the name “Crossback” is missing, which was previously widespread in the chrome strip between the taillights. It now says “DS Automobiles,” so there’s no misunderstanding about that.