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Dutch airports will pay for passengers stranded in chaos |  for travel

Dutch airports will pay for passengers stranded in chaos | for travel

The Dutch Schiphol Airport will reimburse the costs people incurred because they missed their flight due to the chaos at the airport. The airport has agreed to this with the Consumers Association and the TV show “Max Vacantemann”. Eindhoven Airport will also compensate passengers who have missed their flight.

This scheme applies to those who were unable to make their flight from April 23 to August 11 due to long queues in Schiphol. In addition, the airport reimburses costs that are not reimbursed in any other way, for example by the airline or travel insurance. Affected travelers have until September 30 to file a compensation claim.

These costs include, for example, additional costs for rebooking a flight or costs for a new plane ticket, but also, for example, travel costs if people decide to go to their destination by car or train. In addition, for example, accommodation costs that have not been used can be refunded, but also cannot be canceled at the airport.

consequential damage

Passengers whose flight has already been canceled are compensated by the airline according to European rules. Schiphol did not want to compensate for any damage caused by these travelers because the reason for cancellation is often unclear, according to the Consumers Association.

The scheme runs through Thursday. If problems persist after this, the Consumers Association will consult again with Schiphol. A spokeswoman for Schiphol could not immediately say how much compensation was estimated for the cost of the airport.

Eindhoven Airport

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Eindhoven Airport will also compensate passengers who have missed their flight due to long queues for security checks.

Passengers can, among other things, request a refund of the costs incurred when rebooking a flight. This may also include spending on meals or drinks, for example, while waiting for a later flight.

Eindhoven Airport also wants to reimburse stranded travelers for the costs incurred if they traveled to their destination by other means of transport. The scheme also covers the additional expenses of traveling back to Brabant Airport or another airport.

Just as in Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport has regularly suffered from staff shortages in recent months. As a result, on busy days, queues sometimes form far in the open air.

Currently, travelers can seek reimbursement for costs incurred between May 23 and Thursday, August 11. They are entitled to if they are at the airport at least 2.5 hours before departure and still miss their flight. Affected passengers have until September 30 to submit an application. Travelers who have already requested compensation do not need to do so again.

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