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EA goes to the core of FIFA 23 to catch cheaters

EA goes to the core of FIFA 23 to catch cheaters

Electronic Arts announces a new and controversial anti-cheat system for the upcoming PC version of FIFA 23: Kernel-level Anti-Cheating. Anti-cheat EA It is required for some competitive games and will initially come to PC with the release of FIFA 23. This way, PC players (and also console players who have to play against PC players) will be protected from cheaters.

This fairly modern technology against cheating software requires access to the kernel level of the operating system, which is practically as close as possible to the actual components of your computer. At this level it’s hard to protect anything from software, which is exactly why you’ve been seeing anti-cheats at the kernel level so often lately.

Cheat software makers use deep-rooted drivers to cheat in games, something your regular anti-cheat software might not be aware of. In such a case, there is actually no ordinary “cheat program” to detect. Kernel-level anti-cheat software can detect this driver. But this way the program can run anything on the PC.

The game makers don’t really care about this in theory and say that they write the program in such a way that only cheaters are looked for. EA therefore maintains that EA AntiCheat only collects information about programs that interact with the game being protected; No passwords, emails, photos or other sensitive data.

EA also claims to use it fragmentation To encrypt any sensitive data. The good news is that the program closes when you close the game associated with it. Unlike Riot Games, this program does not run constantly.

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The software will be released on PC versions of other competitive online games after the release of FIFA 23 later this month. Single player games and multiplayer games without leaderboard Or a competitive settlement may receive other measures.

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