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Early images of the new Skate game appear online – Games – News

Early images of a new skateboarding game have appeared online. It appears to be a pre-alpha build of the skateboarding game. EA already announced in 2020 that there will be a new Skate. Earlier this week, insider Tom Henderson stated that EA is running a theater test.

VentureBeat journalist and trusted member Jeff Group Share photos on Twitter† They previously appeared on the video platform Odysee, but the video has since been taken offline there. The video shows pre-alpha gameplay of skateboarding, where the skater jumps and kicks in the game world without materials. write group That EA is currently focusing primarily on the “feel” of the game.

According to Grubb, Skate 4 is unlikely to be released this year, but EA may provide more details soon. In any case, the company appears to be testing the game extensively. Earlier this week Tom Henderson already familiar with EA claimed that ea play test With Skate 4, some players can try out an early version of the game and provide feedback on it.

EA Announced Skate 4 in 2020But he has since shared some new details. The game was developed by the Canadian company Full Circle. The game’s release date has not yet been determined. However, it was announced last year that the game Also coming to PCunlike the first three Skate games.

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