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Economist Nouriel Roubini Working on Inflation-Resistant Cryptocurrency |  encryption

Economist Nouriel Roubini Working on Inflation-Resistant Cryptocurrency | encryption

Nouriel Roubini became world famous because he was one of the few who could foresee the 2008 financial crisis. He teaches at New York University and has the title of “Dr. Doom is known worldwide for its pessimistic economic forecasts.

In recent years, for example, he has often been very negative about cryptocurrencies. “Bitcoin has absolutely no intrinsic value. It is a speculative bubble. Bitcoins are not worth anything at all, like all other ‘chitcoins’He stated this a year ago. He has also previously spoken negatively about bitcoin, ethereum and blockchain technology, which he said are “no better than spreadsheets.”

But for now, Roubini isn’t happy with the dollar either. High inflation, according to the economist, undermines the purchasing power of the dollar, and the US central bank prints a lot of money, and therefore not enough to keep the value of the dollar stable. Roubini explains his notable turn to Bloomberg: “The status of the US dollar as a reserve currency is therefore less certain.”

This is why he is working with his investment firm, Atlas Capital Group, on his own token or digital currency. “It should be a more stable instrument than the dollar,” said Roubini. It refers to an anti-inflation symbol whose value is tied to a mix of investments, including gold, US government bonds, and real estate. A variation on the so-called stable currency, the value of which is related, for example, to the dollar.