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Ed Sheeran receives $1.1 million after winning plagiarism case |  Famous People

Ed Sheeran receives $1.1 million after winning plagiarism case | Famous People

Famous PeopleAt the beginning of April, it became known that Ed Sheeran (31 years old) is not guilty of plagiarism. According to the High Court in London, the international superstar was not inspired by a song by Sami Shoukry about the song Shape of You. As a result, the British singer now receives $1.1 million (about 1 million euros) to pay his legal costs.

Sheeran’s win came after an 11-day lawsuit, but the British singer and Sami Shoukry have been at odds for much longer. The songwriter sued Sheeran, along with bandmate Ross O’Donoghue, for plagiarism in 2017. The duo claimed that Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Shape of You’ was based on the song ‘Oh Wy’. However, the High Court of London ruled otherwise. In early April, a verdict was issued that Sheeran was not guilty of plagiarism. In his ruling, the judge said there was “sufficient evidence” that “Oh Wy” was not the inspiration for Ed Sheeran’s hit “Shape of You.” “While there are similarities between the parts of the songs, there are significant differences,” said Judge Anthony Zaccaroli.

Legal costs

Meanwhile, it became known that Ed Sheeran will receive about $1.1 million to pay his legal costs. The judge who handled the case is of the opinion that the singer should not bear these costs himself. “In my opinion, it is appropriate that their success be reflected in this way and that the defendants bear their costs,” the statement said. In addition, according to the judge, Shukri and Ross O’Donoghue failed to provide the necessary documents.

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The British singer also responded to the judge’s ruling at the beginning of April. “Lawsuits are definitely not a fun experience. So I hope that lawsuits based on baseless statements will be avoided in the future. This has to stop,” he said in a video message on social media at the time.

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