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Editor’s Pick: a car holiday allowance of up to 1,000 euros

Your first job, a group of friends and wild vacation plans. Unfortunately, everything is very expensive these days. Studying isn’t free, especially not the living space and that beer you don’t pay for. However, as a student you want to be able to enjoy your vacation. That’s why we went looking for a paid car with a maximum of 1,000 euros.


Of course, the car must meet some stringent requirements. The first is that at least four people have to fit in with it. why? With the holiday money from your Saturday job, there should of course be enough money left for beer…erm fuel. In addition, you not only want to go on vacation, but your buddies also have to come with you! This is not only more fun, but you can also divide the car purchase by four! €250 per person can be deducted and with the remaining money you can go completely wild in terms of holiday plans!
Last but not least, of course you also want to look good, so we leave the real talents left. We can’t bring ourselves to send you in a Hyundai Atos or something like a Ford Ka.

ART – Volvo V70 Dual Fuel

With current pump prices, these are tough times for gasoline heads. That is why I give up my choice of a vacation car that, in addition to gasoline, also loves LPG. For mileage eaters, this works out a bit more economically. At the time of writing, there are three Volvo V70 bi-fuel cars for under €1,000 on AutoScout24. All three have a 2.4-liter 5-cylinder engine (although in one ad it says the engine and gearbox are broken). Another similarity is that they all have an amazing mileage. It’s still possible to take a summer trip across Europe, right?

Missing parts fall more

Arjan – BMW 3 Series (e36)

Everyone says the e46 dries better over time, but secretly the e36 is sleeker. The e46 is particularly well-liked, because its successor, the e90, was disappointing to say the least. The e36 is also 25 years older, so you’re also driving a full classic. How cool is that!? This is in contrast to the knackerbak case which the e46 slowly gained. The e36 is also a lot lighter, which fits better in the Freude am fahren logo. Since this generation drives very covertly, the division of driving time is not a problem at all. We even found quite a few stops for that amount, which makes for quite a bit of room. Even the climate and cruise control you encounter regularly. It would be difficult to get a 6-cylinder from that amount, but driving a BMW has its own characteristics Other benefits

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thrown away in mercedes

DAN – Daewoo Leganza

Best vacation car for 4 friends who have $1000 to spend. Let me start with the truth: this is it. The reason you go on vacation with four friends in a €1,000 car is because you are not afraid to take on adventure. Adventure naturally includes stories. crazy stories This includes, of course, a crazy car. See here: Daewoo Leganza. Never seen before? summit. Never even heard of it? Much better. This Korean luxury sedan clearly exudes elegance and comfort with its smooth lines and chrome details. Enough space for 4 people and all their belongings thanks to the spacious back seat and huge boot. Style: check. Comfort and space: check. Chiefs grilled as you drive down narrow Italian mountain roads in your 1999 Daewoo Leganza: Double check. South Korea’s reliability: an absolute check. Daewoo Leganza: The Holiday Car For You.

This miserable rejected car looks unusable

Dani – Peugeot 607 2.2 HDI

The secret behind an unforgettable vacation car is plenty of space and little chance of getting to the desired destination. This is guaranteed with this form. Although for 1000 euros, the choice falls on diesel engines that have exceeded three tons. Then the last holiday kilometers can also be added. Rest assured that the remaining miles will be covered in comfort. The luxury French sedan is equipped with an automatic gearbox, air conditioning and more than enough space for five people for a vacation. In addition, it is still a luxury car that will receive enough attention. The question is still whether you will reach the destination, but for less than 1000 euros you have at least a good story!

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Try your luck and try Trammelant

166- Ali Hassan

There must be a vehicle in which each person contributes, with a maximum of €250.00. Do you need a lot of space for luggage? No, everything used here can be delivered to its destination, so a station wagon is not necessary. Diesel, although not much more, is cheaper than gasoline. And diesels are more economical, so that would be an advantage. Then what are the remaining options? There is still a lot! Sniffing Marktplaats with a maximum budget of €1000.00, the Alfa 166 appeared. Available with a beautiful, fast, spacious JTD, which is (still) beautiful! Available within budget. Yes, three weeks of vacation can be the perfect match!

All lights always flash Excessive rust But passion wins

Martin – Chrysler Stratos Cabriolet

A logical choice, if you ask me. A car for four people? Checks out! summer car? With an open roof, what do you think! You won’t find a more suitable Chrysler Stratos Cabriolet for this money. What could be better than hanging out with four mates on a luxurious American land yacht with the roof open? It’s like directing your own road trip movie. It’s not very popular anymore, so you can get it for nothing. With just 163 horsepower from a 2.5-liter V6 and a very lazy automatic, you shouldn’t expect to be at your destination quickly, but hey, it’s a vacation, right? You just have to hurry to work on your rental fund. Just save half of your vacation budget for petrol, and go with the convertible!

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