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Elaine and Cyril from Boer zkt Vrouw have made up their mind: they'll continue with these two singles |  TV

Elaine and Cyril from Boer zkt Vrouw have made up their mind: they’ll continue with these two singles | TV

Lorenz is well aware that it wasn’t easy for Ellen to say goodbye to Sten. To find peace again, he took the farmer’s wife to Lommel Sahara. Lorenz immediately admitted there: “I’m starting to feel something for you.” But he also admitted that he does not intend to move to the farm immediately. As a result, Elaine continues to balance her cause with her feeling. But Dries is still a candidate, too, determined to win Eliane’s heart. “She is the perfect lady: beautiful, well handled, outgoing, sociable. She is just the person I am looking for.”

After Laura herself decided to leave the farm, Cyril Els and Zoe remained. To their great surprise and relief, both girls finally got a clearer picture of the shy and introverted West Fleming. “They are two great ladies, but they are similar but different. Both are worth sharing, so it will be difficult to choose,” Cyril realizes.

In addition, Farmer Garry also had a hard time in tonight’s episode. While riding in the car with Els, there was plenty of time to catch up. The conversation quickly becomes more serious and Gary becomes emotional. “It is a pity that my father can no longer experience this. It hurts for a while.”

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